Arches Boxing Gym - City White Collar - East London, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel

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Welcome to Arches Boxing Gym

Arches Boxing Gym - London City and East End

Welcome to Arches Boxing Gym an amateur, white collar boxing (historically amateur and semi-professional boxing for people working in the City of London) and professional boxing gym in the East End of London, Bethnal Green close to Whitechapel, Stepney Green and Bethnal Green tube stations.

White Collar Boxing - for City Bankers, brokers, plumbers, designers, or just about anybody....

We cater for all levels of fitness, age and experience. We have classes for Adults and children at all levels. We feel that the discipline and self confidence children learn from boxing training leaves them with a long lasting ethos of hard work which allows them to grow into healthy well-adjusted adults.

Adult classes are hard work but rewarding and can be a great way to gain confidence and lose weight. Classes can also be a fantastic way to work out lifes frustrations and stress, after all bags don't answer back and just love to be hit.

The East End of London has a rich history as one of the foremost areas of boxing in the UK. The gym is close to the World famous York Hall, which has hosted numerous World, European and British title fights over the last 100 years. The boxing history of East End influences everything we do here at Arches Gym.

We are located just off Bethnal Green Road in a railway arch (just a quick one stop tube ride from the City of London) just like a real gym should be. The glass windows and cross trainer brigade should look elsewhere, we are a real gym for real people who want to work hard and have fun. People just like you!

Arches Boxing Gym - East London

White Collar Boxing - for City Bankers, brokers, plumbers, designers, or just about anybody....

Whilst Arches Gym is an amateur and professional boxing gym, the gym specialises in what is known as White Collar Boxing. White Collar Boxing classes are less rigorous than amateur or professional boxing training, though still tough compared to most training regimes. White Collar Boxers eventually compete in special White Collar Boxing events where the emphasis is on taking part. Fighters of all ages and shapes compete in decision and no decision matches over 2 minute rounds instead of the usual 3 minute rounds. White Collar boxing is popular with men and women who have to juggle important jobs and training.

Whatever you are looking for we are sure you will find it at Arches Boxing Gym, whether you are a City Broker, banker or plumber. You will become one of our family.

Arches Boxing Gym, a real gym for real people.....

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